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Use Sweet Whey Powder to Lose Weight

Sweet whey powder (Buy here on Amazon) is the simplest form of the dried protein powder supplements and can be helpful in weight loss programs because it can be used in baking and in meal replacement shakes as well as providing valuable protein and vital minerals such as calcium.

Whey is a by-product of the process of making hard cheeses such as cheddar and mozzarella and  this powder is simply dried whey. There is nothing added and nothing taken away except almost all the water content. Because no preservatives are added it needs to be kept cool and dry (the recommended maximum temperature is 27 degrees Celsius). It should be used within twelve months of manufacture or in accordance with the use-by date on the particular product chosen.

Sweet Whey Red MillDried sweet whey powder does not contain as much protein as protein concentrates and it also contains a high level of lactose, the milk sugar which some people have a dietary intolerance to. If lactose causes discomfort, bloating and gas, you should steer clear of this product and opt instead for the whey protein isolate as this has a very much lower level of lactose and in many cases contains the enzyme lactase to break down any last remaining traces of lactose.

As a rough guide dried sweet whey contains up to around 15% protein but could have as much as 75% lactose. It is very low in fat, containing 1.5% or less.

How to Use Dried Sweet Whey

PieGet a delicious milky, sweet flavour whilst increasing the protein content of your baked goods. The lactose content acts similar to the shortening or fat used in baking. You will probably need to experiment a little with quantities, but by substituting some of the flour for dried whey powder, you should be able to decrease the amount of fat used by around 5%. Commercially baked goods use this ingredient and by using it at home, you will have deliciously light and crumbly biscuits and pastries. Bread also crisps and browns better.

If you are on a gluten free diet and unable to use wheat flour containing gluten that gives dough its stretch and cooked bread its texture, incorporating this product into your baking recipes and in particular into your bread, will provide great results and give a product that is much more ‘doughy’ and ‘springy’ and much more like traditional ‘real’ bread in texture too.

You can substitute this product for some of the cane sugar in recipes too. If the recipe is using half brown and half white sugar, just substitute the white for the sweet whey. If the recipe calls for all white sugar, use one third whey powder and two thirds cane sugar.

Another tip for sugar substitution is to mix it half and half with sugar and use this mixture for sweetening breakfast cereals.

Mix it with water (it will dissolve instantly, without lumps), and use the liquid as a substitute for milk in recipes.

You can also use sweet dried whey powder to make low calorie meal replacement shakes which have a delicious flavor and which satisfy the appetite better, due to the protein content.

Try this simple recipe which is naturally low in carbohydrate and fat:

Low Cal Strawberry Shake

Strawberry ShakeInto your blender, put the following ingredients in order.

  • 100 grams of fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 50 grams of green or red seedless grapes
  • 100 grams of apple (cores removed)
  • A 15 gram scoop of dried sweet whey powder
  • Approx 350 mls fresh cold water (adjust quantity at the end of mixing to get the texture just how you like it)
  • Four or five ice cubes

Blend together and add more water if required (in which case give another quick whizz), before serving.

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