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Why The South Beach Diet Could Be Right For You

The South Beach Diet is hugely popular protein diet and has a lot in common with the Atkins Diet. Both diets were devised by Doctors; Cardiologist, Arthur Agatston was working in Miami as Director of the famous Cardiac Prevention Center, Mount Sinai when he created …

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How Meal Replacement Protein Bars Can Help With Weight Loss

Protein bars are ideal for fitness enthusiasts and body builders who need muscle growth and repair. However, an even bigger market is now emerging with many of the bars available, now being specifically designed to provide a simple and convenient meal replacement for those working …

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Between Meal Protein Bar Snacks To Aid Weight Loss

Protein bars as a between meal snack can really help you to reach your weight loss goals if you know which type to look for as there are big differences in nutritional content and number of calories between the many bars on the market. Eating …

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Protein Bars – Before or After a Workout?

There are so many types of protein bar available, which one should you choose for a pre or post workout snack? What are the benefits of eating a protein bar at these times and how could they help you get more from your workout as …

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