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Strawberry and Banana Shake with Egg Protein

This delicious strawberry and banana protein shake makes a great meal replacement if you are dieting. If you feel that the 40 grams of protein it contains is a little too high for you, just use a single scoop of protein powder or alternatively, substitute the egg protein for whey, soy or rice protein and use the quantity that is right for you. Your protein shake will still be deliciously thick.

If you go ahead and make the recipe exactly as in the video, you will be consuming 333 calories with only 3 grams of fat (and no saturated fat at all!). You will also be getting a healthy 7 grams of dietary fiber. However, the carbs are a little on the high side at 39 grams (sugar 21 grams).

Ingredients You Will Need

Healthy and Fit Egg Protein

  • 1.5 scoops (approximately 45 grams) Healthy n Fit Egg Protein Powder*
  • A cup of strawberries
  • A medium-sized banana
  • A cup (approximately 8 fluid ounces) of almond milk
  • A cup of ice cubes

If you want to use egg protein powder, we recommend the Healthy n Fit product used in the video because it contains only 100% egg white protein  and peptides – period! There are no fillers of any kind so it is great for a high protein addition to your diet.


Just add each ingredient to your blender in the order listed to get a super rich, creamy and thick drink that makes a satisfying meal replacement or post workout shake.

Remember that you can substitute the egg protein for any other protein powder of your choice and you can use any other dairy or non-dairy milk instead of the almond milk in this recipe.

Please note that if you only have a small ‘personal’ or hand blender you should not use frozen fruit as it will be too hard for the machine to cope with. You can add shaved ice instead of ice cubes though.

Egg protein with Banana and Strawberry

Focus on Key Ingredient, Strawberries

Did you know that strawberries are not a fruit? They are not a berry or a vegetable either; they are in fact, the enlarged receptacles of the flowers of the strawberry plant, which is actually a member of the rose family. The seeds are on the outside!

  • Strawberry shaped like a heartHave you ever noticed that a strawberry is rather heart-shaped? Many people will tell you that this is a good clue to the potential health benefits. Strawberries are good for the cardiovascular system, raising your levels of HDL (good) cholesterol as well as lowering your blood pressure.
  • Strawberries contain a good source of polyphenols; in fact, they are one of the top ‘fruit’ providers of antioxidants.
  • These high antioxidant levels, particularly the phenol anthocyanin as well as the folate, flavonoids and vitamin C (weight for weight, more vitamin C than oranges!) have powerful anti cancer properties.
  • Strawberries are high in the mineral, manganese which is not only good for helping the body to fight oxidative stress, it is also very good for women in the peri- and post-menopause because of its function in keeping bones healthy and strong.

To ensure you get maximum benefit from strawberries, choose ones that are deep red in color as these will be the ones that are richest in anthocyanin.

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