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Nutritious Post Workout Shake Recipe

This post workout shake is really a complete meal in a cup! It is very easy to vary depending on your nutritional requirements and personal tastes. It also includes cod liver oil and we are going to take a look at the health benefits of this amazing supplement for your health as well as the reasons why it could help promote weight loss if you are dieting.

How To Make This Delicious Protein Shake

  • First, grind some whole flaxseeds in the blender  – it is better to buy your flaxseeds whole and grind them as required as they keep more of their nutritional benefits this way.
  • Add soy milk, rice milk almond milk or regular milk to about half fill the blender beaker.
  • Add some nut butter of your choice, this video demonstrates using cashew butter plus a little peanut butter.
  • Add frozen blueberries or the fruit of your choice.
  • Add the protein powder, (my personal favorite is the Biochem 100% Berries & Whey Powder which is made from high quality whey protein isolate).
  • Add some cod liver oil (the one used is lemon flavor) which adds to the taste of the finished shake.
  • Finally top up with fresh water before blending everything together. If you want, you could add a few ice cubes before adding the water for a really cold and creamy shake – however, this is not really necessary if you are using frozen blueberries.

Be sure to only use nut butters that are 100% natural, with no added sugars to bump up the calories and no artificial flavors either!

Focus On Key Ingredient: Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil supplements like the lemon flavored one used in this recipe have many health benefits and, surprisingly may also help you with your weight loss goals.

Cod liver oil is a wonderful source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Supplementation with these has been widely reported to significantly reduce body fat. In addition, it is also rich in the essential vitamins A and D. Vitamin D supplementation could also help with fat loss. Studies have shown that for men, this vitamin helps the body to produce more testosterone, the hormone associated with building lean muscle and shedding body fat.

Lose weight with Liver Oil in your Protein ShakesPerhaps less well known, is the fact that Vitamin D is helpful in both men and women for keeping those hunger pangs at bay. It works by activating receptors in the brain. In addition, it naturally raises levels of serotonin which is a mood enhancing chemical so it makes you feel better too. Even more interestingly, especially for anyone dieting right now, Vitamin D actually helps the body to absorb the calcium needed for strong bones.

So, when cutting out calories, it is reassuring to know that this vital area of health is being taken care of by including cod liver oil in a protein shake made with dairy milk or calcium-fortified, non-dairy milk.

In an interesting article I read in the online magazine “Women’s Health”, a study by the British Journal of Nutrition from 2009, involved putting obese women on a diet. The control group just did the diet for 15 weeks, the other group did the same diet and additionally, took a supplement of 1,200 mg of calcium daily – they lost six times more weight than the control group!

So, you can see how important cod liver oil supplementation could be to help you lose weight and attain your goals!

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