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Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Not Just For Bodybuilders

The hydrolyzed form of whey protein powder is the more expensive product of the three main types available on the market (concentrate and isolate being the other two). Bodybuilders will often choose this type – even though it is more expensive. This is because the hydrolyzation process breaks down proteins into peptides, smaller chains of molecules that are easier to digest and more quickly absorbed by the body. For athletes and bodybuilders, this is important because it helps to repair and build lean muscles and promote quicker recovery after a strenuous workout.

Nutrition Platinum Hydro WheyIt is not only bodybuilders and weight lifters who have become keen consumers of hydrolyzed protein shakes and drinks; Dieters too, have discovered the benefits.  Feeling fuller for longer on fewer calories has helped many who had previously found that excess weight was difficult to shed. They have been able to attain their goals and achieve the body shape they want, thanks to adding extra protein from whey supplements to their diet plans.

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, there is always a downside and some of the hype about the hydrolyzed product is, as you might imagine, a little too good to be true.

Let’s take a look at some of benefits and downsides in more detail:


Retain More Muscle

When used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise schedule, this product helps sportsmen to recover faster after training and to build lean muscle. For those wanting to lose weight, more of the weight lost is fat. Dieters retain more muscle when taking protein supplementation.

Fewer Allergen Problems

If you have digestive problems such as lactose or gluten intolerance, this form of supplement is less likely to cause you problems because almost all the possible allergens have been removed in the manufacturing process.

Lose Weight With Hydrolyzed Whey ProteinConsume Fewer Calories

If you are trying to shed those extra pounds, hydrolyzed whey is good because it directly affects Cholecystokinin in the body, a hormone produced after eating. When levels of this hormone are at the right level in our bloodstream, this ‘tells’ our brains that we are full.  Helpfully, the effect of consuming whey is that levels of this hormone are moderated so that we feel full sooner and therefore consume fewer calories at mealtimes.

Store Less Fat

Protein powder raises our bodies’ sensitivity to insulin. It also helps our bodies to make better use of it. Research published way back in 2004 by Dr. Douglas Belobrajdic is well documented. It shows two groups of participants both consuming the same number of calories overall; One group consumed  protein from red meat and the other consumed protein powder. Results for the two groups were significantly different. In fact, the group that consumed protein powder regularly had an insulin sensitivity 40% higher than the other group and the big bonus for dieters thinking of using this product is that their bodies stored significantly less fat.

Reduce Cortisol Production

Being on a reduced calorie diet puts the body under stress. Simply put, the body thinks it had better store some fat because it doesn’t know just how bad things are going to get! This is a bit like us stocking up on canned goods in a power outage or bad weather! Under this type of stress, our bodies produce cortisol that helps us store more fat whilst at the same time, losing muscle tissue.  For anyone trying to lose those extra inches whilst staying healthy and strong, just a scoop of protein powder daily can counteract this – and make it easier for us to stick to that diet!

Boost Your Immune System

If you are dieting, the reduction in your calorie intake and the stress that puts on your body can cause your immune system to be suppressed too. This problem can be averted by the right level of supplementation with hydrolyzed whey as this not only gives your immunity a boost but also has a protective effect on the body’s immune cells because of a boost in the level of glutathione in the body.  What is the right level of supplementation? The most reliable figures suggest 30g plus of this protein supplement daily. (Figures from the 2001 University of Stuttgart study conducted by Dr. Per Micke).

Unlike the concentrate form of whey powder, hydrolyzed whey supplements contain no cholesterol.


If you consume more than the recommended intake of this supplement, your liver can be put under too much stress trying to break down the excess of protein you have consumed. For this reason anyone suffering from liver or kidney problems should consult their doctor before taking any form of protein supplement.

Too Much Is Worse Than Too Little!

For those trying to lose weight, too much protein can work against their weight loss goals. The saying ‘you can have too much of a good thing’ is definitely true when it comes to this product – you could actually end up gaining weight or finding it difficult to lose any if you take too much.

Bitter Tasting

Unlike the whey protein concentrate which can be sprinkled onto foods and enjoyed, the process of making hydrolyzed whey makes it very bitter. Some people find it tolerable, others cannot bear it. This is the reason why flavored products are so popular. Surprisingly, citrus flavors can take away the bitterness to a great degree so if you are not keen on buying the flavored shakes, you could add the plain powder to fruit juice.

Our Recommended Hydrolyzed Whey Products

If you want a flavored product, we really recommend Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey  which comes in four flavors, imaginatively named, Turbo Chocolate, Cookies and Cream Overdrive, Supercharged Strawberry and Velocity Vanilla. This product gets great reviews (at the time of writing, there are 127 on Amazon with 89 of these five star and 21 four star amongst them), it is a premium product and the manufacturers work very hard to ensure the quality is maintained throughout the process from raw materials to finished result. The other great news is that buying it from Amazon, you can get it at a big discount – and get it delivered to your door for free!

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