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Egg White Protein, A Good Choice For Weight Loss

Egg white is a great choice of protein and has many benefits whether you are a body builder or looking to reshape your body by attaining your weight loss goals. Here is the low down on the benefits, the potential drawbacks and what to look for when choosing to use egg whites as a way of boosting your protein intake and shedding those excess pounds!

Egg whites or egg albumin (also commonly spelled albumen) can be purchased three ways.

1) In whole eggs which you separate yourself

EggDespite wasting the yolk, this can be the cheapest method of obtaining them. If you keep hens yourself or are able to buy your eggs locally, you will be able to ensure their freshness and know whether they come from free range hens that have been fed an organic diet.

However, you need to ensure your eggs are cooked before you eat them so as to avoid any possible contamination with Salmonella and more importantly in the long term, to avoid the serious health problems associated with consuming raw egg whites on a regular basis (see below for more information on this).

2) As a protein powder supplement

The egg white in these supplements will have been pasteurized.  The heat treatment of the pasteurization process will avoid the dangers of consuming raw egg white so you can go right ahead and use the powder to add to shakes, smoothies, pancakes, baked goods, etc.

3) As bottled liquid egg white

Liquid Egg White ProteinMake sure that the packaging states “pasteurized” if you are going to use these raw. We recommend Pure Liquid Egg Whites from Egg Whites International, simply because this top quality product is so versatile and offers great value for money.

You can use it in cooked dishes and drink it raw, mixed into shakes and smoothies – because of the way it is prepared, it has the advantage that it has none of the slimy texture you might associate with raw egg – just mix it into your favorite drink and you will never taste it’s there! Take a look at the video below to see how this product has been developed and why it is so popular. 95% of their customers buy it specifically because they are using it to help them reach their weight loss goals and maintain that weight loss too!

Why You Should Not Eat Your Egg Whites Raw

If you consume egg whites on a regular basis, you could be setting yourself up for some serious health problems if you take them raw and here’s why.

Uncooked albumin contains Avidin. This is a protein that binds with a vital B Vitamin called Biotin, Vitamin H or B7.  Symptoms of Biotin deficiency include skin problems with acne and eczema, brittle nails, dry hair and itchy scalp, mild depression and for those with diabetes or thyroid problems, exacerbation of their symptoms. (source unconventionalhealth.com)

Egg Whites Are Low In Calories

Whether you choose liquid egg white or protein powder you will be getting a top quality source of protein with very low carbs and fat.

A cup of liquid albumen or one scoop of egg white protein powder typically provides about 26g of protein but only around 2g of carbohydrates. The fat content is likely to be 1g or less and the cholesterol level, negligible or nil. Either option will provide around 120 calories.

Egg white is a complete protein

It provides your body with all the essential amino acids it needs for growth and repair. One of these key amino acids is Arginine. The role of Arginine is to stimulate nitric oxide production. This helps to dilate the blood vessels improving blood circulation and oxygenation which can give energy levels a boost.

Start Your Day With Egg Whites!

This protein can be a dieter’s friend when consumed for breakfast. Starting your day with some scrambled egg made with liquid whites of eggs or a healthy breakfast shake made using egg white protein powder or the Pure Liquid Egg Whites product we recommend, can have some great benefits.

  • Feel Fuller For Longer: Firstly, either option is so quick and easy to prepare and the high protein content can help you to satisfy your hunger. Eating a protein rich breakfast can help you to feel less hungry throughout the day, consuming fewer calories at lunchtime and reducing the craving for between-meals snacks.
  • Burn More Fat: Secondly, a high protein meal helps to increase the production of a hormone called Glucagon. One of the main functions of Glucagon in the body is to promote fat burning and so it helps to achieve your fat loss goals. (source elitefts.com)
  • A Good Alternative To Whey: If you are lactose intolerant and have to steer clear of some whey and casein products or you are gluten intolerant and cannot take wheat protein, albumin is a really good protein source. Many people actually prefer it over whey products.
  • Helps Boost Your Metabolism: Egg whites are also a good source of the branch chain amino acid, Leucine. This can be very helpful when trying to lose weight as it can help to kick start your metabolism, raising your base metabolic rate and helping to boost your weight loss. (source nutritionandmetabolism.com)

A Great Addition To Your Weight Loss Plan

Supplementation with egg white protein is a low fat, low carbohydrate way to get that extra protein that can help you shed those excess pounds whilst preserving more lean muscle. It is also a great boost to your willpower, helping you to stick to that lower calorie diet because you will feel fuller for longer and be able to resist snacking!

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