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Chocolate and Coconut Vegan Protein Shake

If you have read that coconut milk is high in fat and have avoided it for that reason, you will be glad you discovered this recipe! It uses canned ‘light’ coconut milk. One can of light will have only around 21 grams of fat whereas regular will have around 70 grams, a big difference for anyone trying to lose weight! See below for our guide to the health and weight loss benefits of coconut milk.

This protein shake is suitable for Vegans because the protein source is from rice. However, if you are not Vegan you could substitute for whey protein if you wish. Two scoops of the raw rice protein powder used will give around 30 – 32 grams of protein. The total carbohydrate content of the prepared shake is around 20 grams.

Sun Warrior Raw VeganIngredients you will need

** We recommend Sun Warrior classic protein powder for this recipe. It comes in three flavors, delicious chocolate, vanilla and natural. It is a raw Vegan product made from 100% natural whole grain brown rice. If you have allergies, this is an ideal product for you as it is gluten free, lactose free, contains no dairy, soy or GMO ingredients.


Put all the ingredients EXCEPT the ice cubes in your blender or smoothie maker and blend together. Add the ice cubes afterwards and blend again until thick and creamy so that the honey will not solidify due to the cold of the ice cubes!

Focus On Key Ingredient Coconut Milk

Organic Coconut Milk LiteThis shake uses low fat coconut milk. However, those trying to lose weight might like to know that the saturated fat in coconut milk is not the same as the long chain saturated fats found in dairy products and meat. Because it contains fatty acids with short and medium chains, coconut milk is a good addition to a breakfast or pre-workout shake. The types of fatty acid it contains are much less likely to be stored as fat because, they can be readily metabolized by your body and transformed into energy instead.

Another benefit for dieters is that coconut milk contains a lot of dietary fiber, which helps to fill you up and keep you feeling full too.

For women, it is of particular interest that coconut milk can be a great dietary addition to help keep bones strong past the menopause. Osteoporosis and the side effects of some of the prescribed medications for the problem are causing more and more women to seek natural alternatives to keep their bones healthy. Coconut milk is rich in the phosphorous; this is necessary along with calcium for strong, healthy bones.

It has numerous other benefits:

  • The Manganese it contains can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and avoid glucose intolerance.
  • It can help if you are anemic or at risk of being anemic because just one cup of coconut milk contains almost 25% of the RDA of Iron for an adult.
  • It contains vitamin E for healthy skin and hair. If you have dry skin or scalp, it will help restore the balance.
  • It contains good levels of magnesium, important with calcium for bone health but also for maintaining a healthy nervous system.

If you live in an area where your local store does not stock light coconut milk, you might like to know that you can get packs of twelve cans of Native Forest Organic Coconut milk in the ‘lite’ variety delivered right to your door from Amazon!

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