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Protein Shakes

Strawberry Breakfast Shake Using Doctor Mercola Protein Powder

This is a very simple shake recipe but one which has great health benefits for the body. Surprisingly, it contains a raw egg! Why would you want to consume raw egg, you may be asking – surely this is dangerous because of the risks of …

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Breakfast Protein Shake On The Go!

This breakfast protein shake is great for busy people as there is no need to cook the oats used in the recipe. Just blend all the ingredients together and you’re good to go. Whether you are trying to build lean muscle or are on a …

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Mint Chocolate (and Spinach) Protein Shake Recipe

If you love the taste of chocolate but are trying to cut down on those extra calories, this nutritious protein shake is almost indispensible! The delicious taste of chocolate and pistachio nuts is combined with the protein goodness of whey powder plus spinach (you definitely …

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Nutritious Post Workout Shake Recipe

Lose weight with Liver Oil in your Protein Shakes

This post workout shake is really a complete meal in a cup! It is very easy to vary depending on your nutritional requirements and personal tastes. It also includes cod liver oil and we are going to take a look at the health benefits of …

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An Introduction To Protein Shake Making

Protein shakes have become hugely popular for all sorts of reasons. They are great to use as meal replacements if you are on a diet. If you workout, there are pre-workout and post-workout drinks which are available either ready-made or you can make your own …

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