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Breakfast Protein Shake On The Go!

This breakfast protein shake is great for busy people as there is no need to cook the oats used in the recipe. Just blend all the ingredients together and you’re good to go. Whether you are trying to build lean muscle or are on a weight reduction plan, this recipe is perfect for you. Check out the video and don’t worry – we have written out all the ingredients you will need right below the video!

Ingredients You Will Need For this Delicious Breakfast Shake


Just whizz everything together in your blender or smoothie maker and your drink is ready to enjoy now or on the way to work, college – or wherever you need to be!

Enjoy the Benefits of Flaxseed in your Shake

One of the ingredients you will find especially beneficial for your health in this recipe is the Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Multibran Cereal.  I love this product because it contains organic ingredients and is enriched with the superfood, flax seed and it is fiber-rich too so it helps to reduce your risk of colon cancer. If you can’t get this product in your local store, you can buy it online from Amazon and get it delivered to your door. You might want to try just one pack to start with but the multipacks save a lot of money, especially if you get them on a regular order.

What are The Benefits of Flax Seed?

Organic Flax PlusAs I mentioned, the recipe includes the organic flax cereal. Flax seed is so healthy and many people like to add a teaspoon of flax seed oil to their smoothies and shakes. You can read more about the many health benefits in this helpful WebMD article, but I wanted to talk a little about two specific things you should know about how flaxseed can help you if you are trying to lose some weight.

  1. Flax is a high fiber food. This means that in addition to the protective properties for colon cancer and other digestive problems, eating flaxseed keeps you feeling fuller for longer. The fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar levels which helps you avoid those times where you absolutely crave something sweet that is high in calories! This will help you to stick to your diet plan and achieve your weight loss goals. One thing to note though, is that flax seeds contain lignans and the body can convert these lignans into substances mimicking estrogen, the female hormone. For this reason, medical advice is to restrict your intake to around two tablespoonfuls of seeds in a day – but you will be absolutely fine with a handful of the cereal recommended in the shake recipe above.
  2. Flax is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which amongst other properties, help to boost the metabolism. The process is called thermogenesis and what this actually means is that the Omega 3 fatty acids actually help your body to ‘switch on’ some special cells which burn fat. This helps you to burn more calories and is obviously hugely beneficial if you are trying to lose a few pounds (or more). Another bonus of the Omega-3 fatty acids is that they can help regulate your appetite and can actually make your cravings for the much less healthy types of fat (like saturates and trans-fats) less dominant.

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