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Almond Milk and Spinach Post Workout Protein Shake

This simple to make protein shake is so quick and easy but contains some great ingredients that will really give you an energy boost after your workout. We have listed the ingredients you will need below the video and provided some information on why the Almond milk used in the recipe makes a great choice in a post-workout shake like this one.

You will need

  • 8-10 fluid ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vegan organic brown rice protein powder (perfect fit) or the protein powder of your choice
  • 1 chopped banana
  • 5 or 6 strawberries chopped up
  • 1 cup of baby leaf spinach

Top tip:

If you have a fairly powerful blender, take advantage of the frozen packs of spinach from the freezer aisle in your grocery store. Look for the kind containing small blocks of spinach – one of these is the perfect amount for your smoothie. Frozen spinach is available out of season, already washed and ready for use and the nutritional value is almost indistinguishable from the fresh kind. Plus, adding a frozen ingredient to your shake will make it even more creamy and refreshing after a workout – especially if the weather is hot!


Garden of Life Raw Protein

  • To your blender container, add the almond milk followed by one scoop of your chosen protein powder.
  • Then add your banana, strawberries and lastly spinach – remember, you can use frozen spinach if your blender is powerful enough (don’t try using this with a personal blender or hand blender though!)
  • Blend everything together for a minute or so and this makes a lovely green smoothie. Pour into your blender bottle or drinking glass and enjoy!

Alternative Protein Powder To Try

The video recommends Perfect Fit organic brown rice protein powder but we love Garden of Life RAW Protein powder because it also contains live probiotics and enzymes and is brilliant if you have any sensitivities to whey or soy because the protein comes from organic seeds and is very easy to digest.

Spotlight on Key Ingredient, Almond Milk

If you want a non-dairy milk, you could not choose better than almond milk. An eight ounce serving of unsweetened almond milk as used in the recipe above will supply just 60 calories. It contains no cholesterol and only around 5mg of sodium per 8oz serving and supplies the mineral potassium (around 150 mg per serving) which is vital for helping to maintain blood pressure at a healthy level.

For those trying to shed a few pounds, it is not only low in calories but is naturally low in sugars which avoids spikes in blood sugar that inevitably cause us to feel hungry as soon as the levels dip again. In addition, the type of sugars in almond milk are easily used for energy, making them perfect for a post-workout pick me up!

For women in particular, Almond milk makes a great choice because just one serving contains a good percentage of the recommended daily intake (RDA) of calcium and vitamin D which are both vital for bone health. You will find that there is around 30% RDA of calcium and 25% RDA of vitamin D. The magnesium in Almond milk is very important for bone health because it helps the body to absorb the calcium.

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